Why Mythic Challenges?

Based on templates developed by Pamela Jaye Smith of MYTHWORKS, Mythic Challenges™ uses the timeless lessons from the world's collective stories. Mythic Challenges is your guide to discovering the role you play in an age old tale. It gives you the appropriate tools of Mythic Themes, Archetypes, and Symbols to effectively tell your story to global audience and move them to awareness and action.

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Mythic Challenges™ is

Designed to Fit Your Needs

Mythic Challenges begins with finding out the major obstacles we face around the world. At the same time, participants discover the rich lore of world mythology and how archetypical characters are actively relevant today. The Mythic Challenges™ curriculum connects each Global Challenge with two (out of many) Mythical Themes. Participants write personal stories and create modern characters based on mythological archetypes. They select at least five of the dozen basic plot points to use in their screenplay, theatrical script or written narrative. This results in global stories that have deep meaning and will translate to all audiences.

Tools are given to help develop projects based upon the participants own lives, fusing mythic elements together and giving it an individual spin. Our instructor can focus on Mythic Themes that advocate for organizational issues as well.

Designed for group participation as well as personal learning, Mythic Challenges™ is a modular curriculum that is easily adaptable to the fit the needs of one person or an entire classroom. 

Mythic Challenges is adapted to fit your needs in the classroom

Mythic Challenges™ is a 10-week program. Each class takes place once a week. Students are given weekly assignments that stimulate their imaginations. The instructor is available after classes via email to answer questions. Classes can  span one or two hours and be used as an after-school program, or as a supplement during a regular English, Theatre or Video Production class.

The Mythic Challenges™ modules can be tailored to fit your specific requirements.

The Mythic Challenges™ classes empower participants with effective communication strategies, and above all, a constructive outlet for their experiences. Participants may choose to adapt Mythic Challenges™ to a several projects: short stories, web series, short films or novels. You can use Mythic Challenges for an anthology series. For instance, if you choose to write a theatrical script, then you can turn your script into a movie that could be combined with other scripts to create a full length project.

Mythic Challenges™ adheres to the California Content Standards for English, Visual and Theatrical Arts. It also meets the Los Angeles Unified School District requirements for Media content.

Mythic Challenges teaches new ways to approach old problems.

Our Video Production or Theatre workshops are where the participants’ scripts come to life. Should your group not have any video production equipment, we will bring professional actors and crew to teach your participants how to produce, direct, shoot, edit, distribute and promote their video production. The Theatre workshop is where students collaborate with a Director, professional actors, wardrobe and technical crew to produce a live performance to be shared with family and friends, as well as the public. Instructors are all top professionals in their field with years of experience to share.